Refrigeration Compressors | Types And Options

Compressors are devices used to increase pressure of gases. Small devices use small sized compressors but that kind of compressors don’t work in large machines. For refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pumping, large compressors are used which are popular as refrigeration compressors. These compressors are large units which have hard body and many elements to complete its purpose. Refrigeration compressor is designed for heavy duty industrial machines and huge air conditioning systems.

Main function of refrigeration compressor is to convert low pressure gases into high pressure and high temperature gases. Not only this, they are also used to maintain low boiling point in large machines. Specials elements are installed in refrigeration compressor to complete this task by removing vapor form evaporator and making it vapor free which can help in maintaining boiling point. Mainly there are three different types of refrigeration compressors which are as described below. They are actually distinguished based on element used for passing vapor from refrigerator.

  • Screw refrigeration is first type of refrigeration compressor which is used for same purpose but in different way than other types of compressors. Device which uses this kind of refrigeration compressors can pass gases vapor using screw spindles. Each screw spindle is mounted to compress gas in the system. In most of the cases, two screw spindles are used in refrigeration compressors but there is a possibility to find refrigeration compressor with multiple screw spindles and this compressor is designed for special application or special system.
  • There are some refrigeration compressors which use scroll bar to compress gases passing through the device. This type of compressors is better known as scroll compressor. Main advantage of scroll compressor is that they are more efficient because they can achieve lower and negligible leakage. Nowadays scroll compressors are used more than other types of compressors by manufacturers of refrigeration systems.
  • Last but not the list, piston compressors. These compressors are designed to achieve high pressure level. Piston compressors are not used for domestic purpose as their main application is in commercial refrigeration systems. As they can reciprocate the gases they are also known as reciprocating compressors.

Refrigeration compressors are not limited to these three types because some other variations of these compressors are also available. But they are special purpose compressors and can’t be used in common systems. One more disadvantage of this kind of compressors is that they are not as effective as earlier three. Therefore, they are not used that frequently and people don’t have much detail about those.

To say the list, we can say that refrigeration compressors are large devices which are used for compressing gases in heat pumping, refrigeration, and huge air conditioning systems. They should not be compared with small size compressors which are used in domestic refrigerator that are small. These compressors are stand alone device which can handle heavy work load. Scroll compressors are most efficient type of compressors which out performs screw compressors and piston compressors. Piston compressors can be installed in large machine only as they have larger size.

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